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RTA: The Tea Party


The Tea Party RTA is a Reply to All forum, a community for girls (or guys) to get to know one another and become a family. We want you to tell us everything. Everything about your life, your day, your hobbies, anything at all. We want to get to know you and be there for each other if need be. We would like for everyone to update at least once a week and we want you to be active in things going around the RTA, but we understand that life gets in the way and things happen. Currently, we have six girls involved, including myself, and we're looking for more people to become involved! If you're interested, fill out this survey and e-mail it to tracymichelle07@yahoo.com. We try to keep members reasonable.

What is your name?:

How old are you and when is your birthday?:

Where do you live and where are you from?:

Tell us about your family, your background, who you live with, your relationships to them, etc.:

What about your friends and others you are close to?:

What do you think is your best quality? What do you think is your worst? Why did you choose these things?:

Describe yourself in only eight words, no more, no less:

Everyone has their quirks-- tell us some interesting/weird things about you, little tid bits you think make you unique?:

Are you online a lot/do you have a good enough connection so that you can regularly contribute to the RTA?:

How open and honest are you willing to be?:

Are there any certain topics that offend you?:

Describe your childhood-- what are some events that influenced you? Were there specific people in your life who influenced you?:

How do you cope? what are some things you do to deal with stress, or when you're going through a rough patch?:

What are some qualities that you like to see in a person? What are some that you can't stand?:

What are some of your favorite random things? Is there something you are passionate about?:

Do you have any illnesses or disorders, physical, emotional or mental? Any troubles otherwise?:

Why do you want to join Tea Party? Sway us all:

Anything else? A photo, if you've got one?:


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