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you better check it, babes. :D

NAME: keichi r.
USERNAME[s]: kawaiiforlife - livejournal ^^
AGE: between 13 and 17. i don't like disclosing my age on a public community. sorry!
LOCATION: state of georgia.

LIKES: anime, manga, reading, japan, role playing, watching television, a lot more!
DISLIKES: not much. o3o; oh, when people stop replying to e-mails/letters. D:
HOBBIES: doodling, reading, going on the computer, role playing, watching television, sleeping, enjoying school~
MUSIC: rock music, of course! avenged sevenfold, lordi, serj tankian, killswitch engage, disturbed...quite a few bands. ^^ and i'm looking at more of 'em~
OTHER INTERESTS: i pretty much covered it all above. XD

WHAT KINDS OF THINGS WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEND/RECIEVE? anything that makes other people smile. i personally like to receive kawaii stationary, kawaii stickers, little handmade plushes, things like that. :3
DO YOU HAVE FEEDBACK ANYWHERE? um, no, not as of yet. but i haven't gotten any negative comments yet. does that count for anything? o3o;

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA TELL US? um, i only do mailing and swaps within the u.s. due to the high prices for shipping out large packages internationally and the fact that i don't live that close to a post office to just drop it off in the mailbox when my mom drives by. :/ also, i only swap with females who are not over the age of 30. please, no mom-only stuff! i'm too young to be a mom. X3

PICS? [not a link to myspace/photobucket, the actual pics please!] no, sorry. :/
PIC FOR MEMBERS PAGE? again, no...;____;

just some other little tidbits about me, i suppose...
well, my name is keichi. yes, i am a chick. i moved from florida here to georgia (and i'm loving it). we are already seeing the change of seasons, with the cooler weather and and green leaves turning red. it's sooooo pretty. i love kawaii things - stickers, stationary, plushes (<333)...anything! i own two emily the strange plushes and two precious miseries plushes and i love them to death. i hope to do a swap soon! :D

um, if you just want to take a peek at my role playing information (it's kinda...'out there', so little kiddies, don't go to the page) here's the link:

i hope to hear from peeps soon~

<3 [love],
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